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Monday, July 4, 2016

Book Reading Lights: Best Gadget For The Eyes

Reading and writing are the core parts of studying, be it for high school student, college student or student having higher education. While reading or writing, our eyes come into play. They have to adjust more or less in order to see the small letters on the textbooks, and even our own handwriting (oooops!) As a result, our eyes tend to experience strain to some extent while doing those activities. The strain becomes more serious when there is not enough light, or when the lighting environment is not stable. While the tiredness of the eye is usually temporary and is not likely to cause serious damages immediately, we all can agree that it’s best to avoid constant eye strain for long periods of time. Therefore, when reading at night, or in places where natural daylight is limited as compared to the outdoors, you need something to read your books with ease. That’s when reading lights come into use. In fact, there are more circumstances under which a book light is the best bet. For example, when you are traveling on a bus or train without a proper light. Or when you want to read book while your bedmate or roommates are sleeping, and you really don’t want to disturb them by leaving your big desk lamp or the ceiling light on. Professional compact reading lights and lamps are considered the best solution to these predicaments. They provide stable and sufficient light for you to carry out the study for long hours, but not excessive to the point everyone else is affected. There are various reading lights available in the market which can be used for this purpose. However, the difficult task is choosing a good reading light for yourself - one that meets with your needs and your budget. The Book Slut would recommend our pick for the best book reading lights used in different situations as listed below:

1. LuminoLite Extra-Bright Clip Book Light

The LuminoLite produces bright white light, which is believed to stimulate the hormones that help you stay alert to deal with difficult reading tasks. 

The light’s 4 LEDs shine brightly without producing any heat. Their light focus on a small area, enough for you to do your writing, reading, working on your laptop, knitting, or other handcrafting activities.

The LuminoLite comes with a padded hinge on the upper clip, which allows it to hold firm on your book without tearing it. It has a rechargeable 1000mAh battery. A single charge can last more than a week if you use the light for about an hour every day.

2. Mighty Bright 47012 Rechargeable Reading Light

This Mighty Bright light is very small and portable. At 0.3 ounce, it fits easily in your laptop bag, or suitcase, and can travel with you to anywhere.
The light has a flexible neck. It has 2 brightness levels, so you can adjust when the surrounding lighting condition changes.
The cool thing about the gadget is that although small, it has built-in rechargeable battery. After charging it for an hour, you can it for several days or even weeks.

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